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Golden Vacuum Miswak

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Golden Vacuum Miswak Our Prophet (saas) said: Gabriel (AS) would always recommend miswak to... more
Product information "Golden Vacuum Miswak"

Golden Vacuum Miswak

Our Prophet (saas) said: Gabriel (AS) would always recommend miswak to me, I even fear that it will be obligatory for me and my ummah.


1- It is the sunnah that our master the Prophet never abandoned.
2- God will bring the consent of the righteous,
3- It improves bad breath.
4- It brightens the eyes,
5- Soothes eye pain,
6- A proper and harmonious speech develops in the language of the person who uses miswak.
8- It makes the tone of voice beautiful,
9- Prevents tooth decay,
10- Prevents receding gums,
11- It gives strength to the palates,
12- It analyzes the sputum,
13- Increases intelligence,
14- Delays old age,
15- It is a cure for every problem except death,
16- Relieves hemorrhoids,
17- He hurt the devil,
18- He pleases the angels,
19- It facilitates feuding,
20- Reminds the kalima of witness,
21- It causes people to go with faith,
22- It makes the face beautiful,
23- It strengthens the heart, stomach and eye nerves,
24- It facilitates digestion,
25- It opens the mind, makes it easier to memorize,
26- The prayer performed with miswak is better than seventy rak'ahs performed without miswak.
27- Imam-i Awzai pledge. Using a miswak is half of wudu ', they said.

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